When all people quit! released last year, it was praised for its brilliant sense of humor and funny missions, but the gameplay eventually became extremely repetitive and although the script kept things entertaining, my fun was dulled over time. all the people are over! 2 tried to make things a little more durable, both in terms of the length of the game and in terms of its fun, but ultimately the same problems that appeared on the original back of their vile heads. This leads to DAH! 2 in order to be an improvement over the original, but still not as good as it could be.

The original DAH! took place in the America of the 1950s and directed and parodied the B-movies of that time. Fast forward ten years and we notice that the cryptosporidium-137 of the original game died during its exploits and was replaced by its clone of Cryptosporidium-138 (the goal of the first game was for Crypto to collect DNA from people so that the cloning process would work properly). However, crypto-138 has one advantage over its expired “brother” – the genitals. Genitals that he is currently exploiting while abusing his power as president of the United States.

Unfortunately, the Russians know about this alien swindler and decided to bring the cold war directly to Krypto and its commander Orthopox-13 (voiced again by Richard Horvitz, voice of the intruder Zim). The KGB terminates Orthobox and its space station, but not before the scientist Furon uploads his brain into a holographic projector and plays crypto. From there, crypto will have to trade again to conquer the world of those who are against it.

Just like the first game, Destroy all the people! 2 decides to take the mickey out of the time he plays, so in this matter it’s the 60s.Hippies roam the streets and give crypto a lot of extermination targets, rock music of the 60s fills the soundtrack, as well as a variety of pop cultural references and jokes. The plot is as funny, ridiculous and entertaining as the first game. Again, like the first game, some jokes fall flat, but there are more than enough to make you laugh for hours.

The original structure largely corresponds to that of last year’s game. Crypto is immersed in a sandbox environment that he has to go through in order to complete the missions given to him by various NPCs – my favorite is “the Freak”, a hippie pot dealer and informant. While missions are fun, they usually boil down to traveling to a certain area, hitting a lot of people, and then collecting a certain item or taking out a certain enemy. The only real difference is that now you will be returning to your spaceship for new missions for a longer time, but this makes little difference in the game.

One thing that did well in the first game was crypto’s weapons and psychic abilities, and they are great here too. Most of the weapons and skills of the first version of crypto are back-the electric zapper, telekinesis, the always funny “anal probe” and mind reading skills, to name a few– but now new ones are coming. These include the Furon disc -thrower weapon, which picks up any object, be it a car or a person, and throws it into the territory until they are ready, and the new method of tearing bodies to take control of people.

However, the simplest and most fun is the new” free love ” ability from crypto. When crypto is discovered under its disguise, the alert level rises and one of the solutions to this problem is to take advantage of this ability. When used, it makes everyone in your immediate environment dance crazy and gives you plenty of time to escape to a new region. Again and again, this skill saved my bacon by escaping from the army. In addition, all cryptographic weapons can be improved by collecting weapon capsules.

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