The life of a video game journalist is strange, especially with the advent of Internet journalism and the rise of fan culture. It’s strange that you can spend several months or weeks waiting for a game, with information, screenshots and bombed movies, and then realize that the game is not what you expected. I’ve seen this on several games; Monkey Island 4, Deus Ex 2 and a whole list of other titles that I don’t have time to mention them for. Gothic 3 seemed destined to fall into the same category, but things didn’t quite go that way.

I was aware of the anger on the Internet about the unfinished and imperfect state of the game when it was played on the shelf. I had also tried the first game of the series and dismissed his supposedly terrific RPG experience as nothing more than poorly written garbage. In short, I was perfectly prepared for disappointments. And I was a little bit right.

Gothic 3 starts the evil and the empire. A movie without dialogues shows a lot of orcs action in a city, and suddenly you find yourself in a small village with a sword and villains. The tutorial is so short that it may not be found anywhere either, and the frame rate will immediately drop to almost unplayable values. Played in an uncorrected state, all the character models seemed to me to be quick black boxes with names on top of them, and in the corrected and modified form of the game, the graphics are not really better-although the problems vary from system to system. There is no explanation for the situation and no proper sound effect, just an epileptic adjustment that (no, seriously) causes white boxes to blink on the screen when you look at an inanimate object incorrectly. Once the action is over, it doesn’t really get any better, because even on my powerful, self-designed rig, the frame rate stays around your ankles and the story is told in poorly written dialogues spewed out by horribly animated NPCs. Or maybe it’s just the terrible voice acting that makes it look so bad by emphasizing every WORD incorrectly! I mean, about every word. All.

What have I played for Gothic 3 so far? Terrible graphics, dialogues and stories and an unnecessarily resource-intensive engine that makes much of the game unplayable? Yes, check all this. But as ridiculous as it may sound, Gothic 3 has some strangely addictive and compelling features that I really have no explanation for. I’ve been playing the game for quite some time and I’m waging war in one terrible duel after another. Each time I lamented the lack of exciting and realistic sound effects, as the swords quietly bounced off each other. Every time I was afraid of another crash or stuttering. Every time I swore that it was the last time I tried to finish off a bandit in my life.

But every time I come back for more. And I don’t understand why. The game is obviously unfinished and poorly made; it is the kind of game that developers should not release, since a non-playable game, in my opinion, must violate certain laws on trading standards somewhere. This is contrary to the nature of a game.

And that’s why Gothic 3 is one of the most brilliant evil creations ever released for public game buyers. Well, in a moment anyway. There is no other experience comparable to the world of playing Gothic 3, because even if you absolutely hate the terrible, rushed state and want to immediately ask for your refund, you just can’t.The game is a bit too much fun and the world is too massive to remain unexplored. Although the story is predictable and unimaginative, it is enough to carry the gameplay and lame graphics. It sounds almost impossible, but the game, although it is bad on so many levels, gives you a strange feeling of excitement as you delve deeper and deeper into the world of Gothic 3.

Ultimately, Gothic 3 is like going to a cold bath on a hot day – it’s refreshing, but kind of painful, and no matter how much you love it, you have to admit that it’s not much fun. For those who are wondering if the purchase is worth it (and I admit that I am asking a mixed question), I can only give the following advice; buy the game, but wait a while before doing it. Let the patches stack up and the adjustments made by the fans appear before you dedicate yourself to what is currently one of the worst classics available.

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