Last year, Activision and Neversoft brought us GUN, an action-packed third-person shooter set in the Wild West. Although that’s not all, it offered solid pleasure for its rather short duration. Now PSP owners can experience some of the Action in an optimized Version of the game. While the Rebellion developers have remained fairly faithful to the original game, some changes have been made and a number of features have been added only on PSP to strengthen the package.

You play as Colton White, a young man with a Talent for hitting. One day, after hunting with their “father” Ned (brilliantly played by Kris Kristofferson), they board a steamer to do business. They acquire possession of an important artifact and the boat is hit, forcing them to jump off the ship, Ned accepting his fate on the damned steamer.

So this highlights the story of the game and gives you a reason to go to Dodge City and start your journey with this secret artifact that contains a secret that Ned wanted you to discover. As you may have assumed from the title of the game, there are a ton of flashy weapons out there. Although the console versions of the game showed quite excessive automatic objectives, you will be grateful for this on the PSP, because the control is something that you have to get used to to have fun.

By default, you move Colt with the analog stick and control his target using the four face buttons on the right side of the PSP. As you can imagine, it takes enough time to get used to it and it is possible that you have never understood it. You can change things with the movement on the right face buttons and aim at the analog stick, but this causes as many problems. The automatic aiming is incredibly forgiving. So if you can familiarize yourself with the controls, you shouldn’t have too many problems.

Colton can use the so-called fast train; this is the weapon version of “Bullet Time” and gives you a huge advantage in shootouts. The slightly zoomed view allows you to easily eliminate enemies and quickly change targets. You could do without it, but it makes the more difficult confrontations a little easier to deal with.

The Action in the game is extremely brutal, with decapitation and general nastiness. He certainly deserves his 18 certificate and is not for the faint of heart. Some moments even go beyond what could be considered decent taste, but The exaggerated interpretation of the Wild West game makes it tolerable.

To move from one area to another (the game gives the Illusion that it works freely, but is actually quite linear), you can walk, but it is much easier to ride a horse and gallop. Driving is actually much more difficult in the PSP game, again due to the limitations of the control panel. Horse riding was one of the best aspects of the original game, but here, despite the efforts of the developer, it seems a little awkward.

The biggest problem with the Original Weapon is its length or lack thereof. The main game is too short. If you ignore the side missions, the story can be played in less than seven hours, and the only real reason to play the additional missions is to increase Colton’s statistics. In an attempt to offer PSP owners a little more, Rebellion has added a number of new missions, but other sections have been removed, so you will end up with another fairly short game.

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